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Type Rating Training

Type Rating Training

Throughout its history, L3 CTS has been a significant provider to the world’s airlines of type rating training, whether it be for the Boeing 737, 757, 767 787 or the Airbus Family (A319, A320, A321, A330).

Type Rating Training

The breadth of the customer base demonstrates the confidence that these airlines have in the services delivered, matching quality, flexibility and reliability with economy and timely performance.


The aim of the Type Rating course is to provide ground and flight instruction to a trainee pilot already holding a pilot’s licence, so that the trainee may pass all sections of the relevant skill test.

The ground training phase of the Type Rating course is designed to give trainees the necessary theoretical knowledge required to progress on the simulator and flying training phases of the type rating. The course is based upon Computer-Based Training (CBT) courseware provided by and customized for customer airlines.


A Fixed-Base Device, such as a Virtual Trainer or a Flat Panel Trainer is used to consolidate technical data and operating procedures. CBT is used to present part of the knowledge required for the course. A Technical Instructor is present at all times to answer trainee questions and provide supplementary instruction as required and trainees are encouraged to request instructor assistance at any time.


The course has been constructed to ensure that periods of CBT training are broken at regular intervals by instructor input and VFD/FPT training, thus preventing long periods at screens without direction. A Quality System will always be set in place and ongoing quality control will be maintained through monitoring of trainee performance at examinations and during subsequent training phases. The CBT courseware and instructor input will be monitored as required to address any shortcomings identified.


The simulator phase of each course is delivered on L3 CTS's fleet of state-of-the-art devices located in the South of the United Kingdom, specifically at London-Gatwick and Southampton.

Type Rating Training at a Glance

B737NG Type Rating
Ground School:15 days
Fixed Base Simulator: 20 hours (5 x 4-hour sessions)
Full Flight Simulator: 28 hours (7 x 4-hour sessions)
A320 Type Rating
Ground School: 12 days
Fixed Base Simulator: 24 hours (6 x 4-hour sessions)
Full Flight Simulator: 24 hours (6 x 4-hour sessions)


B787 Type Rating

Ground School: 16 days

Full Flight Simulator: 32 hours (8 x 4-hour sessions)


A330 Type Rating
Ground School: 13 days

Full Flight Simulator: 48 hours (12 x 4-hour sessions)


  • Training according to SOPs
  • Airline manuals


Does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Local transport
  • International transport
  • iPad


For further details and availability, please contact our Customer Business Team at enquiries.ctcaviation@L3T.com

Excellent facilities and training, there is never a day here that you don't learn something new.

Nathan N