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Recurrent & Refresher Courses

Recurrent & Refresher Courses

L3 CTS offer a full range of recurrent and refresher training and checking programmes for Line Proficiency Checks (LPC) and Operator Proficiency Checks (OPC) in line with EASA or your local regulatory requirements, including:


  • Ground and refresher training

  • Aeroplane/Synthetic Training Device (STD) training

  • Safety and Emergency equipment training (SEP)

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

L3 CTS’ team of qualified Type Rating Instructors and Examiners (TRI/TRE) and Synthetic Flight Instructors and Examiners (SFI/SFE), as well as experienced SEP Instructors work closely with our client airlines to ensure that each standard recurrent programme is tailored to specifically meet your needs and incorporate your SOPs and company culture.


For further details and availability, please contact our Customer Business Team at enquiries.ctcaviation@L3T.com