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Type Rating Instructor Courses

Type Rating Instructor Courses

Ideally, after having observed several sim details with a Company TRI/TRE (recommended but not mandatory), we provide candidates with approved training for the Type Specific TRI/SFI course on B737, B757, B767 and A320 family aircraft (other types may be offered subject to Regulatory Approval).


The course includes the required minimum of 25 hours Teaching and Learning. It is conducted using a mix of classroom and type specific Full Flight Simulator (FFS) resources and takes the candidate through the essential practical exercises of instruction required to qualify for type rating training privileges. It is a demanding and testing exposure for the future TRI/SFI.


All TRI courses can be progressed with 2 further modules:


  • TRI sim to TRI LIFUS – which qualifies the TRI for ZFT and initial supervision online
  • TRI Sim to TRI Aircraft – which qualifies the TRI to conduct airborne training


These last 2 modules are conducted in conjunction with the client airline.


The generic 5 day core course is still available as a stand-alone course. For candidates wishing to become SFI/TRI on an aircraft type other than the above, then the provider of the TRI course for that type would need to agree and approve our Core Course as part of their own approved TRI course.

Course Location

Crew Training Center – Southampton, UK

Course Duration

Approximately 14 working days

Course Footprint

Course Content

Type Rating Instructor Course – The course consists of 4 days’ ground school and 6 FFS details, the last of which is the instructor’s proficiency test in accordance with EASA requirements. Days off are built into the course which normally runs for 14 days.


TRI Sim to TRI ZFT/LIFUS Upgrade – For those seeking an upgrade from TRI Sim to TRI ZFT & LIFUS, this course consists of a 1 day ground school and simulator module, with the remaining modules including ”training in an aeroplane in-flight” carried out by the client airline – this involves at least one sector observing a TRI(A) conducting actual line flying on a candidate after ZFTT OR participating in a role play sector. That is followed by the under-training TRI conducting a live sector under the supervision of a TRI(A).


TRI Sim to TRI Aircraft Upgrade – For those seeking an upgrade from TRI Simulator to TRI Aircraft training qualification, a course – comprising Day 1: ground school, Day 2: 2 to 4 hours FFS and Day 3: approximately 1 hour of aircraft training – can be provided in association with the client airline.


For further details and availability, please contact our Customer Business Team at enquiries.ctcaviation@L3T.com

A truly professional organisation, great instruction, the perfect choice for my A320 trits course

James T