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RAeS Conference: Maintaining Pilot Recruitment and Training Standards - A Growing Challenge as Demand Outstrips Supply: London - September 26 - 27 2017

Date: 26 September 2017

L3 CTS will be sponsoring the Royal Aeronautical Society International Flight Crew Training Conference 2017.

09:00 - 17:00


Conference summary:


The Annual Flight Crew Training Conference will address the issues facing the flight crew training community from the perspectives of aircraft operators; aircraft manufacturers; makers, users and providers of training systems; researchers; and regulators.


The 2017 conference will focus on the harmonisation of training standards and whether global efforts are in sync with demand as well as actual operation.


As an industry can we realistically be expected to meet continue to supply competent and skilled pilots to meet the global demand? Do we risk quality of training and standards in the face on such demand for numbers? Can we get increased numbers through programmes, maintain the quality standards but also delivered tailored learning?


That is the challenge we will discuss at the 2017 International Flight Crew Training conference.


Topics to be covered:


- Keynote roundtable - 'Are training standards in sync with demand?'

- Licensing and Regulation

- Big data


- Recruitment and Retention

- Safety through collaboration

- Enhancing the training position

- Harmonising qualification of training devices

- Off-aircraft learning environments


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