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Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)


The aim of the course is to produce a safe, airline-focused and competent multi-crew member of a modern airline transport aircraft. Over 19 months and 4 phases of training, the Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) advances an ab initio trainee pilot from zero hours to a qualified First Officer on the relevant aircraft type.

L3 Commercial Training Solutions work closely with both our MPL airline partners and associated regulators to ensure that the course footprint meets all regulatory aspects. Each bespoke syllabus is based upon specific competencies, incorporating the airline's culture, fleet, and standard operating procedures from day one.

Example Course Footprint

Advantages to Airline

  • Each course is geared specifically to the individual airline
  • L3 CTS are able to incorporate the airline’s standard operating procedures into our existing MPL training syllabus and identify the airline’s operational aspects at an earlier stage of ab initio training.
  • Cadets are immersed in the culture of the airline which enables an easier transition to airline operations after training
  • L3 CTS provide regular training updates to the airline to allow easy monitoring of cadet progress throughout the course which affords a fuller cadet training record
  • Course footprint is typically shorter than a frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence (fATPL)
  • The principles of competency-based training run throughout the MPL and transfer easily to evidence-based training once the cadet has joined the airline

Advantages to Cadet

  • Cadets undertake a rigorous selection process which provides additional peace of mind that they possess the skills to complete the course
  • Conditional letters of offer are provided to cadets at the start of their training
  • Cadets are expected to achieve high standards throughout the course and reach performance milestones
  • The course structure better prepares them for their role in a modern airline transport aircraft
  • Cadets have increased exposure to multi-engine jet aircraft which allows more time to develop multi-crew skills
  • Training on an airline endorsed MPL course encourages the cadet to have an airline mindset throughout training
  • The MPL incorporates mentoring from the airline and ATO which is both motivational and educational for their future career

Current MPL Airline Partners

Our current MPL airline partners include British Airways, easyJet, Virgin Atlantic, Flybe, Qatar Airways and Oman Air.


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For further details and availability, please contact our Customer Business Team at enquiries.ctcaviation@L3T.com

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