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Hong Kong Airlines Announces Launch of Cadet Pilot Program

Date: 9 June 2017

[Hong Kong, 9 June 2017] Hong Kong Airlines (“The Company”) announced today the launch of its first Cadet Pilot Program. Fully funded by the Company, the cadet pilot program is delivered in partnership with L3 Commercial Training Solutions through its Airline Academy (L3 CTS), aiming to develop high caliber students into future professional airline pilots who will play an important role in the growth of the Company’s fleet.

This initiative by Hong Kong Airlines, which has been based in Hong Kong for a decade, is set to support the resourcing demands as the Company continues to expand from a regional airline to an international carrier. The program also demonstrates the Company’s commitment to nurture a new generation of aviation elite for the local industry growth.

The cadet pilot program is now open for application, with a target of providing 8 to 15 candidates this year with no flying experience an opportunity to embark upon an 18-month training journey at L3 Airline Academy Training Center in New Zealand.

Mr Tang King Shing, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines, said: “The launch of the cadet program forms a remarkable milestone for Hong Kong Airlines in nurturing and grooming our own talent asset and to tie in with the Company’s commitment to the local aviation industry development. It is going to support career establishment of new generation in Hong Kong, adding on to the 1,100 diverse job opportunities we are offering this year.”

Hong Kong Airlines has achieved outstanding performance over the past decade. The Company has achieved a record-breaking launch of 11 new destinations last year since its establishment, operating a vast destination network covering over 30 major cities in Asia Pacific. It will step up its global market expansion by connecting Hong Kong with aviation hubs in the Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The launch of the Vancouver route by the end of June in North America is one of the initiatives signifying the network growth.

In addition, the Company’s fleet will further be strengthened with the delivery of Airbus A350 aircraft in Q3 this year and by the end of 2019, the fleet size will exceed 50 aircraft. Another vast investment project, the Hong Kong Airlines Aviation Training Centre, is set to be completed in the end of 2018, housing 12 full flight simulators with complete training facilities to nurture a new generation of aviation elites to spur the industry growth and consolidate Hong Kong’s position as an international aviation hub.

Hong Kong Airlines provides ample promotion opportunities for the flying crew thanks to the rapid, yet substantial company development. Graduates of this exceptional cadet program will become fully employed Second Officers flying across the airlines’ route network of iconic destinations.

L3 Commercial Training Solutions is a global airline pilot training, resourcing and simulation organization approved by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, providing innovation solutions to international carriers. Mr Alan Crawford, President of L3 CTS, remarked: “We are honored to have been selected to deliver Hong Kong Airlines’ very first Cadet Pilot program through our Airline Academy. This program will support Hong Kong Airlines’ resourcing demands as it continues to experience rapid expansion. This award demonstrates recognition of our status as a trusted provider of high-caliber aircrew and our ongoing commitment to supporting the global demand for highly-skilled, qualified commercial pilots. We take enormous pride in being able to launch dream careers for aspiring pilots.”

Hong Kong Airlines cadet pilot program is now open for application from 9 June to 31 July 2017.


Interested parties can apply through the Hong Kong Airlines website or contact Hong Kong Airlines at cadet.pilot@hkairlines.com for more information.

As one of the key members of the local aviation industry, Hong Kong Airlines also participated in the Hong Kong International Airport Career Expo 2017 jointly organized by the Airport Authority and the Labour Department. The Company provided about 230 job vacancies at the Expo, attracting overwhelming response from job seekers on the first day who are looking for frontline positions of cabin service, engineering maintenance and various general office job opportunities.

– End –

About Hong Kong Airlines

Established in 2006, Hong Kong Airlines is a full-service airline firmly rooted in Hong Kong. It has grown remarkably in just ten years with a wide destination network covering over 30 major cities across the Asia Pacific region, including Gold Coast, Auckland, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Sapporo, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and Okinawa. The Company has also signed agreements with 16 codeshare and 75 interline partners respectively. The current operating fleet is made up of 33 Airbus aircraft, consisting of 29 passenger aircraft and 4 freighters. With an average age of around 4.9 years, Hong Kong Airlines operates one of the youngest fleets in the world. Hong Kong Airlines has been awarded the internationally acclaimed four-star rating from Skytrax since 2011. It was also the winner for Asia’s Leading Inflight Service in World Travel Awards 2015.

About L3 Commercial Training Solutions
L3 Commercial Training Solutions (L3 CTS) is a world leader in providing intelligent total training solutions for pilots and maintainers across a wide range of commercial platforms. The company is headquartered in Crawley, U.K., and delivers training, resourcing and systems production from global centers in Southampton, Bournemouth and Coventry in the U.K.; Minnesota, Orlando and Phoenix in the U.S.; Hamilton in New Zealand; and Bangkok in Thailand. L3 CTS is part of the Electronic Systems business segment. To learn more about L3 CTS, please visit the company’s websites at www.L3CTS.com and www.L3AirlineAcademy.com.

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培育航空業精英 推動行業發展
[香港.2017年6月9日] 香港航空 (「公司」) 今天宣佈推出首個全資助見習機師培訓計劃,並夥拍全球知名飛行訓練學校L3 Commercial Training Solutions, Airline Academy (L3 CTS) ,招募有志成為機師的精英學員,為公司持續擴大的機隊培育專業機師。香港航空作為植根香港的航空公司,過去十年快速成長,正由區域航空公司邁向國際,對人才需求甚殷,而機師培訓計劃則可支援公司發展所需。同時,此項計劃更體現了香港航空致力為本地航空業培養年青精英的一貫宗旨。 香港航空首屆見習機師培訓計劃於今天正式接受報名,今年目標收錄8至15名沒有飛行經驗的學員,全額資助他們前往位於新西蘭的飛行學校接受為期18個月的訓練。 香港航空公司副主席鄧竟成先生表示:「成立這個見習機師計劃是香港航空的重要里程碑,標誌著公司致力為未來蓬勃發展培育人才,以及為香港航空業注入新動力。我們今年更有約1,100個職位空缺,為有志投身航空業的香港年青一代提供職業發展機會。」 香港航空於過去十年飛悅精彩、蛻變成長,於2016年開通了11個新航點,於亞太區超過30個主要城市展翅翱翔,刷新了公司創立以來的紀錄。展望未來,公司繼續努力把網絡擴展到更多亞太地區、北美洲及歐洲等區域;其中在今年六月底開通的溫哥華線便是拓展國際網絡的成果。
此外,公司積極擴大機隊規模,將於今年第三季接收首架A350客機,以支持開拓更多長線航班;而預計在2019年底,客機機隊將增至超過50架。另一項重大投資項目─香港航空飛行培訓中心亦將會在2018年底落成,中心可以容納12個模擬駕駛艙、全面飛行訓練設施,為訓練更多航空業人才提供完善配套,為業界注入新增長動力,同時鞏固香港作為國際航空樞紐的地位。 香港航空高速發展同時亦提供更多晉升機會,因此,完成訓練計劃並取得資格的學員可直接被香港航空取錄為第二副機師,飛越香港航空標誌性航點網絡。
L3 Commercial Training Solutions, Airline Academy是香港民航處認可的飛行訓練學校,主要為國際航空公司提供機師培訓、機隊人員資源配置及飛行訓練,並培養合資格的航空公司見習機師。L3 CTS總裁Alan Crawford先生表示:「很榮幸我們的飛行訓練學校獲選為香港航空首個見習機會培訓計劃的合作伙伴,我們相信這項培訓計劃能夠為香港航空持續發展提供人才支援。贏得這項合作計劃表彰了我們作為值得信賴的供應商地位,為支持全球航空業增長培養高質素民航機師。我們為能夠支持年青人實現飛行夢想而感到自豪。」 香港航空見習機師培訓計劃現正接受報名,由今天起至今年7月31日,可登入香港航空網站http://www.hongkongairlines.com/en_HK/career報名或電郵至cadet.pilot@hkairlines.com 查詢。 香港航空作為本港航空業的重要一員,參加了是次由香港機管局及勞工處主辦的香港國際機場2017職業博覽會,並在現場招聘近230個職位空缺,包括機艙服務員、飛機工程及維修人員,以及不同崗位的辦公室後勤支援人員等。活動首日,香港航空展位吸引大批求職者前來查詢及面試,反應熱烈。
- 完 –
成立於2006年,香港航空以香港為基地,在短短十年迅速發展成為航線網絡廣泛覆蓋亞太地區超過30個主要城市的全服務航空公司,包括澳洲黃金海岸、奧克蘭、北京、上海、台北、東京、大阪、札幌、首爾、曼谷、峇里島和沖繩等,公司亦分別與75間及16間航空公司簽訂聯程及代碼共享協議。目前,香港航空的機隊規模為33架空中巴士,包括29架客機及4架貨機,機隊平均機齡僅約4.9年,為全球最年輕的機隊之一。香港航空的服務備受國際肯定,自2011年起榮獲國際認可的Skytrax四星級評級,2015年更獲得WTA 世界旅遊大獎的亞洲最佳機艙服務獎項。
關於L3 Commercial Training Solutions (L3 CTS)
L3 Commercial Training Solutions (L3 CTS) 所提供的機師及飛機維修員全方位培訓服務,在不同的商業平台都是領導全球的行業龍頭。L3 CTS的總部位於英國的城鎮克勞利 ,同時在全球亦設立了培訓及人才招聘中心,包括英國的修咸頓、伯恩茅斯、科芬特里;美國的明尼蘇達、奧蘭多、亞利桑那州的鳳凰城;新西蘭的咸美頓;以及泰國的曼谷。
L3 CTS是其母公司的電子系統業務部門。如欲進一步了解 L3 CTS,請瀏覽公司網站www.L3CTS.com及www.L3AirlineAcademy.com。
媒體查詢,請聯絡香港航空企業傳訊部: 電話:+852 3151 4667/ 6461 4382 電郵: corpcomm@hkairlines.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hkairlines
Photo caption圖片說明:
Mr Tang King Shing, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines (fourth from left) and Mr Anthony Petteford, Vice President of Airline Academy, L3 CTS (fourth from right) 香港航空副主席鄧竟成先生(左起四)和L3 CTS 副總裁Anthony Petteford先生(右起四)
Hong Kong Airlines attracted overwhelming response from job seekers on the first day
Mr Tang King Shing, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Airlines experiences the VR flight simulator at the booth 香港航空副主席鄧竟成先生在會場體驗虛擬實境飛行模擬器

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