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Out of Warranty Fixed Price Tariff

When you raise an out-of-warranty Technical Query we will help you identify the service you need and the associated charge from the following tariff.


Once we have all the information required to resolve your issue, we will ask you to attach a Purchase Order for us to get started. Simple and speedy.


Your CRM would be pleased to talk you about how we are speeding up other services for you too. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Out-Of-Warranty Technical Query Fixed Price Tariff

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Typical Queries by Band

Band A – examples include:

IOS operation queries

IOS customization

Addition of Library malfunction

Failing QTG tests

Problems with Nav Data processing

Assistance with creation and management of customer fits

Toolset use queries

Band B - examples include:

Computer operating system


Computing networking

HSSL diagnostics and fault finding

Validation of malfunctions

Validation of instructor comments against data package

Band C - examples include:

Simulator Services (fire system, electrical power system)

Motion system

Control loading hardware recalibration