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This stage of the journey brings us to ground school where cadets will be building their general knowledge and understanding of procedures before entering the simulator or aircraft. This stage is incredibly significant as it will become the foundation for the remainder of their flight training.

At this stage, we introduce ETHOS, our system knowledge and procedure training application that makes learning content easily accessible in an interactive digital environment.

Blog – The importance of blended learning

Pilots cover an extraordinary distance every day, so why should their learning be restricted to the classroom?

Jason Thompson, Business Development Manager talks about how we can make training more efficient and effective by introducing more flexibility.


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Key information

Interested in finding out more about ETHOS or how this type of training device can deliver benefits to your pilot training? Find out the key details including:


  • The benefits of blended learning
  • How is ETHOS different to other learning platforms?
  • How ETHOS customization works for every airline
  • The benefits of the learning management system (LMS) for ground school instructors
  • How ETHOS allows instructors to focus on more advanced stages of training


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Find out more

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