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Flat Panel Trainer

Flat Panel Trainer

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The Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) is a configurable crew training device designed to optimize training time and improve the learning process for pilots, as well as maintenance personnel when integrated with our Virtual Maintenance Trainer. Theory, practice, technical details, operational issues and human factors are brought together in a realistic environment. Training with the FPT is an effective tool to train familiarization, systems knowledge, and procedures training prior to entering higher fidelity training devices. Training organizations can schedule multiple hours in a FPT for the cost of just one hour in a Full Flight Simulator. Instructors often find that they prefer the FPT learning environment as opposed to a Full Flight Simulator when it comes to teaching Crew Concepts, FMS and Autoflight Skills, Normal Flight Procedures and System Abnormalities as it allows the learner to focus on specific elements of training without the distractions that can be experienced in a full flight.

Blog: The benefits of having a procedure training tool – Horizon Air

Joe Hutchins, Manager of Ground Training at Horizon Air discusses the benefits the Flat Panel Trainer brings to their pilot training through offloading time on training devices such as Full Flight Simulators, reinforces their company (SOPs) procedures through scenario training and how it can support the increasing number of pilots coming through their airline.


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The Flat Panel Trainer is a tool that can be used during the earlier stages of pilot training in a cost-effective way to introduce crew resource management, procedure training, correction of non-normals and malfunctions, as well as review of systems knowledge through integration of active systems schematics. Take a look at our key information to discover more about the FPT uses and the benefits it brings to pilot training.


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