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Inspiring The Next Generation of Pilots

Inspiring The Next Generation of Pilots

Pilot Tech Journey


The first leg of the Pilot tech Journey takes us to the very beginning. The journey begins long before becoming a cadet in a pilot training academy, it’s the moment someone aspires to be a pilot.


Let’s investigate how the demands of today’s airline industry have generated the need to drive diversification, easier access to pilot training and better communication with the future generation of pilots.

Blog - Inspiring the Thousands

Blog by Colin Rydon Vice President of Training, Quality and Compliance


The importance of increasing the number of aspiring pilots is greater than ever. Colin discusses why we need to drive diversity and increase the potential pool for future pilots. Take a read of his blog to find out more information.


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Research suggests around 30,000 pilots are required each year for the next five years in order to meet the demand. We have created infographics to highlight some of the issues connected to this challenge and some potential solutions to achieving this industry wide goal.


View the challenge and ways we can help to overcome it.


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