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Virtual Flight Deck

Virtual Flight Deck

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Virtual Flight Deck is our training tool that allows ground school instructors to interface with the aircraft controls and indications in a virtual, classroom environment. The training system can be used to enhance learning in systems and operations, allow understanding of effects and indications of malfunctions and even to begin introducing procedures prior to entering the procedure training phase of a curriculum.  The tool bridges the gap between a theoretical and practical learning experience. There is always the need to study and understand the theory behind all elements of pilots training, the VFD allows instructors to bring that theory to life in a safe, simulated environment helping to reinforce knowledge.

VFD explained

The VFD uses commercial off the shelf computer equipment and can be displayed via projector or monitors. Users control the aircraft through a digital flight deck where they can manipulate all the aircraft systems (such as hydraulics, fuel, avionics, etc.), and see the corresponding results in the flight deck in real-time. Instructors can help cadets and pilots to understand the expected system outcomes, why such outcomes occur, and further actions that may be required by highlighting system operation via the active schematics.

The VFD is supported by our Instructor Operating Station (IOS) which allows instructors to easily set up scenarios just as they would be able to in a full flight simulator. Once created, instructors and students can efficiently jump to the point of training they wish to work on creating better focus for cadet pilots and considerable time savings in the classroom which can then be used to support the more complex learning content.

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The digital era has changed the way we learn and teach in the classroom. It’s important that pilot training remains ahead and adopts new methods and technology to support the next generation of pilots.

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