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Key information


Key information



ETHOS, through increased content, tools and the use of mobile technology, moves learning earlier in the training footprint. Enhancing learning means that time on the simulators can be better utilized.
ETHOS offers general subjects and systems content knowledge, and is particularly unique due to its additional modules and tools including FMS skills, cockpit familiarization, Practice Exams, free-play FMS Trainer, and Procedure Training Lessons, opening the learning content to cadets and pilots earlier in their training journey.



ETHOS offers its users the flexibility to learn both inside and outside of the classroom allowing students to, recap on chosen topic or get ahead and be better prepared for upcoming training.

The system has been designed to work across different types of PC and mobile platforms maximizing compatibility which also makes learning on the go possible.
Using blended learning to support students is gaining school-wide support. As per a survey of educators, a total of 76 percent of those asked believe that blended learning is beneficial to students.



Our ETHOS platform enables traditional ground school learning content, such as general subjects and systems knowledge to be done via distance learning. But what about Procedure Training?

ETHOS can train your pilots on the proper flows, call-outs and standard operating procedures as well. This optimizes the time available in the classroom allowing instructors to focus on more challenging topics.
This results in more time being available to instructors while in the classroom so that they can focus on skill development.