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RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator - FFS

The RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator provides airlines and training centres with the ultimate high fidelity pilot training experience while maintaining high degrees of reliability, maintainability, and supportability for training centres.

The RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator is based on a modular design, with common core elements independent of the aircraft type. Different aircraft modules can effectively be ‘swapped’ out, as a customer’s fleet or training needs change, without the need to replace the entire simulator, thus avoiding future costly investment.

Blog: 2781+ years in the making

L3 Commercial Aviation has the longest history in the industry, with our roots going back to 1929 and the pioneer of flight simulation, Ed Link. Ever since, our commitment to pilot training and creating safer skies has never wavered. As aviation technology and capability has transformed rapidly over the years, our product knowledge and understanding has kept pace. Today we deliver simulation and training solutions to customer locations worldwide including what we believe to be the best Full Flight Simulator available, the RealitySeven.


Sanjay Kaeley, Head of Product Solutions, discusses the history and incomparable expertise behind the RealitySeven and some of the challenges in maintaining the level of knowledge in the future generation of both Full Flight Simulator devices and the engineers that will develop them.


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Key Information

Interested in learning more about the RealitySeven Full Flight Simulator? Click the below link to see our key information page where we highlight some interesting facts and benefits about the FFS.


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