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Blog - The benefits of having a procedure training tool, Horizon Air

Flat Panel Trainer

Blog - The benefits of having a procedure training tool, Horizon Air

Joe Hutchins, Manager of Ground Training at Horizon Air discusses the benefits the Flat Panel Trainer brings to their pilot training through offloading time on flight training devices such as Full Flight Simulators, reinforces their company procedures through scenario training and how it can support the increasing number of pilots coming through their airline.


The L3 Flat Panel Trainer serves as a valuable tool in bridging the gap between our airline’s academic systems training in the classroom and our flight training conducted in the full motion simulators. Our L3 Flat Panel Trainer enables pilots to apply their systems knowledge in realistic scenarios, while simultaneously learning our airline’s normal and abnormal procedures in a variety of flight conditions.


This saves time and costs in our flight simulators, as flight time can be tailored to allow students to master required maneuvering skills. Additionally, we were able to configure our trainer to accurately mimic our aircraft configuration, which enables more effective learning for students and erases the additional cost usually required for differences training between training segments. L3 provides continuing technical support to our operation, so our instructors are not alone in facilitating our students’ demanding training schedules.


Moreover, ongoing technical support has allowed our training department to minimize device downtime for component upgrades and software updates. In summary, we're able to run the training devices virtually non-stop, a near necessity as our airline continues to train an unprecedented number of pilots.


Joe Hutchins

Manager of Ground Training

Horizon Air