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Key Information

Flat Panel Trainer

Key Information

The Flat Panel Trainer is a tool that can be used during the earlier stages of pilot training in a cost-effective way to introduce crew resource management, procedure training, correction of non-normals and malfunctions, as well as review of systems knowledge through integration of active systems schematics.


Snapshot, which allows instructors and students to save and restore pre-configured training scenarios, provides increased efficiencies for the training crew to interface with aircraft systems and review several key aspects of training, while utilizing a device that is cost efficient.


The crew aboard the aircraft may be small but teamwork is critical.


So why and how can we develop pilots to become team players?


Safety comes above everything else. The Flat Panel Trainer not only allows pilots to work through flows and checklists in a multi-crew environment, but it can also simulate the systems and malfunctions.



A Pilot must be a team player –what competencies make a successful team in the flight deck?



The Flat Panel trainer is a device that allows for crew-coordinated introduction and review of flows, simulation of multiple scenarios, as well as cockpit familiarization, in a cost-efficient way at an earlier stage of pilot training.



Briefing and debriefing. Preparation and Reflection. Offloading these tasks from a Full Flight Simulator to a Flat Panel Trainer could be just one of the ways to create cost efficiencies for your training programs.