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Flight Training Device

Flight Training Device

Pilot Tech Journey

The Flight Training Device (FTD) features an aircraft-specific flight deck, offering the form, fit, feel, and function of the actual aircraft. The experience can be further enhanced by realistic electrical flight control loading, sophisticated sound and audio simulation, and a optional visual system that provides cues in day, dusk and night VFR, and IFR conditions.


The FTD provides effective training for pilots in use of an automated flight deck, systems integration and other procedures, including work load management, situational awareness and decision making all in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. These devices are ideal for Jet Transition Courses and training prior to entering a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) or actual aircraft.

Blog: Counting the credit

Those working in the world of pilot training will likely agree that the topic “flight task credit for training in a simulator without motion” has been discussed for some time, often with little movement in the ability to use such devices for flight task training credit. But we are beginning to see some movement, particularly with the FTD Level 7 qualification level now allowed by the FAA.


Patrick Davis, Director of Operations - Airline Training at L3 Commercial Aviation discusses FTD’s and their importance in tackling the growing pressures the aviation industry faces.


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Key Information

Interested in learning more about the Flight Training Device? Click below to see our Key information page where we highlight some interesting facts and information about the FTD and its role in the future of pilot training.


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