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Inspiring The Next Generation of Pilots




30,000 pilots every year sounds like an impossible challenge but that’s not the case. We can achieve this by driving diversity throughout the industry and increasing the number of aspiring pilots.



This is a dilemma that we cannot ignore. Fixing this will be of key importance to help fulfil the pilot demand.



The future generation of pilots are constantly adopting new ways of communicating. We need to do the same in order to ensure we reach the biggest audience and increase the chances in getting the people that will make the best pilots into airlines.



Some of the best ways to inspire future pilots are the most innovative. PoDD allows us to bring the flight deck to events where people can try flying in a simulated environment. For many cadets, this is the first step to becoming a pilot.



The pressures of pilot demand will always exist in the industry, therefore we should be thinking many years ahead. Inspiring pilots of the future through creative and innovative methods at an early age.