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Key Information

Virtual Flight Deck

Key Information

The digital era has changed the way we learn in the classroom. It’s important that aviation training stay ahead and adopt new methods and technology to support the next generation of pilots. The Virtual Flight Deck is our solution to making the classroom more interactive and creating a constructive learning experience that will support tomorrow’s pilots.


Take a look at the illustrations and information below that highlight some interesting points about the modern classroom, how the next generation of pilots will react to different methods of teaching and how an interactive training tool can benefit airlines.


The learning experience can be just as important as the knowledge gained, especially when we need motivated, inspired and confident pilots.


Interactive learning can result in many benefits



The VFD and its simulation technology allows the flight deck to be brought to the classroom, saving on time training in aircraft and more costly training systems.



L3 CTS is constantly investing in research and development with the ultimate aim to enhance pilot training.


Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are potential innovations that could bring the virtual flight deck even closer to reality.