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Advanced Aviation Training Device

Advanced Aviation Training Device

The Aviator™ Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) offers a cost-effective substitute for instrument training time traditionally completed in the aircraft or in higher-level flight training devices.

The AATD is a stand-alone trainer that can be used to meet specific regulatory flight training and certification requirements. These PC-based procedural and operational trainers are ideal for use within an integrated ground and flight training curriculum.

This is a PC-based Training Device that provides simulation and display of the aircraft avionics, including system displays, panels, and indications. All avionics are fully interactive and operate in a free-play manner. The Aviator™ utilizes physical switch/panel controls for realistic tactile feedback.

Instructor Controls

A separate instructor station permits effective interaction without interrupting the flight in overseeing the pilot’s horizontal and vertical flight profiles in real time and space. This includes the ability to:


  • Oversee tracks along airways, holding entries and patterns, and localizer and glide slope alignment/deviation (or other approaches with a horizontal and vertical track).
  • Enable the instructor to function as ATC in providing vectors, etc., change in weather conditions, ceilings, visibilities, wind speed and direction, light/moderate/severe turbulence (scale 0-9).
  • Set failures in navigation and instruments, radio receivers and flaps, engine power (partial and total), and other aircraft systems by using virtual keyboard via touch screen LCD.

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