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ETHOS<sup>®</sup> Procedure Training Suite

ETHOS® Procedure Training Suite

Finally, with the ETHOS® Procedure Training Suite at your fingertips, you can master those procedures during the appropriate phase of training with the Procedure Skills Lesson and Procedure Practice Tools.

Harnessing technology within a single tablet application, your pilots can target Procedure Training to better practice and prepare prior to instructor-led on-site training. Procedure Skills Lessons and interactive Procedure Practice Tools, including Cockpit Flows, Exterior Preflight, and Profiles & Callouts is made available for self-paced learning in advance of instructor-led sessions making on-site training more effective and efficient.


  • Self-paced Distance Learning
  • Efficient use of VPT Lesson Time
  • Distance Learning of Procedures
  • Improved Standardization
  • Integrated Setup Menu on VPT

Cockpit Flows

Cockpit Flows self-study tool provides an easy-to-use platform for pilots to both learn and commit to memory their phase of flight tasks through practice and through comprehensive reference material. Both reference and self-study modes are provided to help supplement what has been learned in the Procedure Skills Lessons. Pilots learn more than just a simple flow pattern as they memorize and understand where their procedure begins, where the procedure ends, and every step in between.

Procedure Skills

Procedure Skills are presented in a tutorial-based courseware environment teaching and demonstrating normal standard operating procedures. Detailed demonstration of expanded procedures, checklists, cockpit flows, callouts, and other related tasks are organized by phase of flight. This powerful and comprehensive courseware teaches pilots how to conduct all of the tasks throughout an entire flight, including descriptions and explanations of roles and responsibilities, cockpit briefings, and much more.

Profiles & Callouts

With Profiles & Callouts pilots no longer have to struggle with demonstrating their knowledge of cockpit roles and tasks during on-site instructor-led training. This training tool provides an intuitive and flexible environment for each pilot to review, understand, and memorize their profile callouts and related tasks. Captain/First Officer and Pilot Flying/Pilot Monitoring roles and related tasks are described in detail for pilots to comprehend and articulate effectively and demonstrate the Profiles & Callouts they have learned.

Exterior Preflight

Exterior Preflight provides pilots with a self-study tool to learn and understand exterior aircraft preflight walk-around locations, components, and procedures. This training tool provides a relevant platform by which pilots can conduct an exterior preflight using pictorial graphics of stations around the aircraft supplemented by more detailed component images and explanations. The experience is made relevant with the flexibility to sequence through the preflight procedure in order or by going back to review additional information as needed.