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EM2K Motion System

EM2K Motion System

Experience total immersion with our EM2K motion system simulation fidelity.

This realistic approach to cueing is produced by electro-hydraulic actuation – akin to a flexible aircraft supported by air beneath its wings.

The EM2K Motion System is unique. Not only does it realise significant energy savings, it is the only totally integrated motion package with software and hardware developed in-house that offers support, auto-test and diagnostics.

L3 Commercial Training Solutions has developed improved adaptive motion software algorithms, which maximise the capabilities of the EM2K motion system for edge-of-the-envelope maneuvers such as Upset Prevention and Recovery from Stall.This means that we are able to offer Upset Recovery maneuvers with active motion, where ‘startle’ and 'vibration' cues are generated as part of training scenarios.

Our customers tell us how realistic EM2K ground handling is.

Key Features

  • Unbeaten for cueing realism and smoothness
  • The patented counterbalance system provides a unique energy saving advantage
  • Unique adaptive motion drive algorithms with sustainable high level cueing provide smooth delivery

Operator Benefits

  • Available as a minimal envelope stand-alone product or retrofit
  • Excellent reliability (high MTBF)

  • No actuator changes

  • Mature and field proven - 20 years in development, operational for 20 hours per day

  • Easy to maintain

  • Intuitive diagnostics

  • Integrated auto test for QTG

  • Preventative maintenance recently revised based on field experience

  • 16% annual saving

  • Green and low cost of ownership

Motion System Diagnostic Training for Technicians

  • Motion preventative maintenance

  • Repeat or EM2K upgrade training

  • Affordable cost structure

Integration of Legacy Systems

  • Existing legacy motion systems can be upgraded to the L3 CTS EM2K standard

  • EM2K can be retro-fitted to existing motion system

  • Facility interface change is minimal and there are no changes to boarding height or motion envelope

  • All the necessary skills are available in-house to advise customers on interfacing issues

  • A self-recovering motion system in the event of power failure

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