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RealityWIDE Visual System

RealityWIDE Visual System

Our dedicated and professional team are united by a drive to ensure our customers train safely and efficiently. We cover all areas of support, leveraging our complete portfolio of end-to-end lifec-ycle solutions.


Dedicated support


Each and every customer will be assigned a Customer Relationship Manager who acts as a focal point and coordinates the implementation of all required support.

This level of expertise enables you, as our customer, to concentrate on your core business, with the knowledge that we are totally aligned with your demands and realising your commercial ambitions.

Key Features

Cost-Effective 11 ft Radius Mirror – Unique in Civil Simulation and typically the reserve of Military Systems, the 11 ft radius mirror (coupled with a Toroidal BPS) provides superior collimation performance compared to smaller mirrors.


Advanced Lightweight Composite Structure – Optimised for use with the high levels of motion cueing provided by RealitySeven™. System-level analysis of Integrated Simulator and Visual System using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods, guarantees a stable image at all times.


Meets Field-of-View Requirements – Providing up to 225° x 45°, RealityWIDE is designed to meet the challenging Field-of-View requirements of modern cockpits such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing B787.


High Optical Specification – Designed to minimise distracting training cues


Tightly Controlled Geometry –Minimises issues with aircraft Dual Heads-Up Display (HUD) systems and Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS).


Exceeds Industry Standards – Performance exceeds current regulatory standards and the requirements of ICAO 9625 Edition 3.


Broad compatibility and Flexibility – Flexible enough to work with a range of Image Generator (IG) products, including those from Rockwell Collins, RSi and Thales.


RealityWIDE is compatible with a popular range of projector technologies from JVC and Barco including LCoS and DLP, both with Solid-State Illuminators.


Enhanced Display Resolution –WQXGA (Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array) display resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with a 16:10 aspect ratio means improved sign-board legibility and improved runway scene detail at range.


High Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) –High-resolution MTF and high-resolution rendering of light points.


Tightly Correlated Surveillance Systems –Including Taxi Camera Systems, Weather Radar and Ground Mapping Radar.