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With a history of over 50 years, combining the experience of our legacy simulator manufacturing companies – Singer Link-Miles Ltd, Rediffusion Simulation Ltd, Thomson Training & Simulation Ltd and Thales Training & Simulation Ltd – L3 CTS has unrivaled knowledge of Flight Simulator updates and upgrades.

Our considerable expertise in this field enables us to deliver solutions designed to extend the life of simulation equipment by maintaining currency with aircraft fleet evolutions and regulatory requirements while improving reliability and reducing life-cycle costs.

Our comprehensive range of updates include:


• Aircraft Configuration Updates – Updates of existing simulators to different variants. This can include specific tail number or OEM Standard or Block Point updates and will bring your simulator up to the latest Reality 7 baseline software standard.

• Engine Fits – Installation of additional Engine fits

• FMGC/FMC Fits – Introduction of new FMC fits or the update of existing FMC to the latest revision.

• Aircraft Systems – Independent system updates such as RNP or FANS.

• Upset Prevention & Recovery Training – In recognition of the new regulations mandating the training of Upset Recovery maneuvers on Full Flight Simulators, L3 CTS has developed and delivered technical solutions to enable Unusual Attitude and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training on our Full Flight Simulators.


Computing Obsolescence and Reliability:

• Re-Host – For those Customers seeking a mid-life update for their simulator to extend simulator service life and take advantage of the reliability and maintainability benefits offered by the latest generation technology, L3 CTS can replace the legacy host computing with Reality 7 technology

• Instructor Station (IOS) – Replacement of legacy Instructor Stations with the L3 CTS DiGIT solution used on the Reality 7 product line

• Sound System – Legacy sound and COMM systems can be replaced with the L3 CTS Reality 7 solution


Customer Benefits:

Updating an existing simulator is a cost-effective way to enhance the productivity of your equipment.

• Evolution of the aircraft fleet can be tracked by introducing regular updates to the simulator, thus improving the fidelity of the training experience and removing the potential for negative training

• The service life of the simulator can be extended for many years

• The potential re-sale and training revenue value can be significantly increased

• Obsolescence can be managed, enabling subsequent updates to be integrated more cost-effectively