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Avionics Systems Trainer

Avionics Systems Trainer

The Avionics System Trainer is a computer-based pilot training for the avionics currently in the Cirrus SR20/SR22. This single-screen desktop training tool teaches pilots the concepts, terminology, and procedures required to confidently manage automation in these technically advanced aircraft.

The interactive courseware immerses pilots in a series of guided lessons, practice, and evaluation scenarios bringing them to a level of demonstrated proficiency with the aircraft’s avionics.

The Avionics System Trainer simulates the Avidyne Primary Flight Display, and Multi-function Display, Garmin GNS 430 GPS, Autopilot (S-Tec System 55X), Transponder, TAWS, XM Weather, Standby Instruments, and the Flight Director. Each system is fully integrated and interactive. Because this is a true free-play device, a variety of training scenarios and flight plans can be followed allowing pilots to practice the entire flight cycle, with user inputs producing the same real-time feedback as in the actual aircraft.

Courseware Includes

  • Cockpit Overview
  • Single-Pilot Resource Management
  • Systems Training for PFD, MFD, GPS, Autopilot, Transponder & Audio
  • Malfunctions Training
  • Free-play Flights

Available for These Aircraft Types

  • Cirrus SR20/22

System Requirements Includes:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Pentium 4 or better recommended)
  • RAM: Recommended 1 Gigabyte (minimum 2 Gigabytes for Vista and W7)
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher (32-bit) set as your default browser.
  • This program is not Mac compatible


The AST combines interactive courseware with simulations to introduce the glass cockpit to SR20/SR22 pilots in a fully interactive training environment. A series of guided lessons combined with practice scenarios brings pilots to a level of demonstrated proficiency with the aircraft’s avionics.

Courseware Includes:

  • Cockpit overview
  • Single-pilot Resource Management
  • Systems training for PFD, MFD, GPS, autopilot, transponder and audio
  • Malfunctions training
  • Training flight scenarios
  • Evaluation flight scenarios
  • Free-play flights

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