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Checkride gives pilots the ability to prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an interactive cockpit. This is easily accessed via tablet allowing for convenient mobile self-study. Checkride provides cockpit panel information ensuring accuracy and clear descriptions of each panel and switch indicators.

This App allows the pilot to become familiar with panel locations without pulling out bulky aircraft manuals and paper cockpit posters. This tool reduces study preparations and time by bringing the aircraft manual information together in an easy-to-use, efficient App that truly prepares the pilot for the oral exam and checkride.



  • Mobile Self-study
  • High-Fidelity Cockpit Graphics
  • Pan and Zoom Capabilities
  • Cockpit Panel Locations and Familiarization
  • Aircraft Cockpit Data at your Fingertips
  • Add and Save Notes

Available for These Aircraft Types

  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A330
  • Boeing B737NG
  • Boeing B747
  • Boeing B757
  • Beoing B777
  • Bombardier CRJ200
  • Bombardier CRJ700
  • Embraer E190