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ETHOS<sup>®</sup> Systems Knowledge Suite

ETHOS® Systems Knowledge Suite

ETHOS® Systems Knowledge Suite combines the tools necessary to master Cockpit Familiarization, Aircraft Systems, General Subjects, FMS Skills Lesson and Practice Exam. This single program provides the student with valuable interactive training in a self-paced learning environment integrated with the L3 CTS Learning Management System (LMS).


Learning Management System


ETHOS is designed to interface with the LMS for progress tracking, recording, and course completion data. User login authentication and tracking of assigned courses is made available. L3 CTS content and LMS are AICC- and SCORM-compliant. The LMS also provides administrators with the support to manage and track courseware, modify student accounts, assign courses, view course progress and generate progress reports.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-paced Distance Learning
  • General Subjects
  • Flight Deck Familiarization
  • ATA Chapter based Aircraft Systems
  • Advanced FMS Skills
  • Self-assessment & Testing Capabilities

Aircraft Systems & General Subjects

Provides structured courseware learning for Aircraft Systems and General Subjects. Self-paced instruction, demonstrations, self-assessment, practice scenarios, remediation, and testing are brought together in these comprehensive training tools. These features provide greater knowledge retention when compared to traditional page turning Computer-Based Training (CBT). The benefits include standardized courseware, a modular building block approach to learning, testing and self-assessment.

Cockpit Familiarization

Cockpit Familiarization provides pilots with a self-study tool to help prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an educational cockpit experience. This training tool provides cockpit panel information ensuring accuracy and clear functional descriptions of each switch, pushbutton, and light/annunciator. The benefits include mobile self-study, high-fidelity cockpit graphics, pan and zoom capabilities, cockpit panel location and familiarization, add and save notes, and cockpit panel descriptions.

FMS Skills

The dedicated FMS Skills focuses on all of the skills needed to understand and master the use of the CDU/FMS. The scenario-based lesson teaches steps of FMS, autoflight, and navigation during all phases of flight using a line-oriented scenario. The FMS Skills is comprised of skills during preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, arrival and approach.

Practice Exam

The Practice Exam is a self-study tool provided throughout all of the self-paced/distance learning Aircraft Systems course providing feedback on learning comprehension. Quick Exams, Custom Exams, and a review of Previous Exams is made available with this powerful training tool. Quick Exam and Custom Exam take advantage of a comprehensive aircraft systems question bank to auto-generate practice exams based on a selected number of questions. Aircraft system categories can also be selected individually within the Custom Exam setup.