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General Subjects Courseware

General Subjects Courseware

In addition to industry leading Aircraft Systems Courseware (CBT), L3 CTS offers aviation related General Subjects Courses via on-site and distance-learning platforms. Working in conjunction with industry professionals, subject matter experts, and curriculum experts, the most relevant and up to date information is provided in each General Subjects Course.

The General Subjects CBT provides self-paced instruction, demonstrations, self-assessment, practice scenarios, remediation, and testing are brought together in this comprehensive training tool. These features provide greater knowledge retention when compared to traditional page turning CBT.

L3 CTS developed courseware can be customized to your company policies, procedures, and standards.


  • Self-paced Distance Learning
  • Reduced In-house Training Costs
  • Testing and Self-assessment Capabilities
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Standard/Custom CBT
  • Graphically Rich and Engaging
  • Modular Building Block approach to Learning


Deployed between these formats:

  • Tablet
  • Web
  • USB Drive
  • CD-ROM

* Tablet, USB Drive and CD-ROM requires no internet connection to run content. Occasional internet connection is required to update course progress through the LMS.

Courses Available

  • Airbus Manuals and Operational Philosophy
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Weight and Balance
  • Adverse Weather
  • CFIT and ALAR
  • CRM and Human Factors
  • High Altitude Operations
  • RVSM