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PC Primus Epic™

PC Primus Epic™

PC Primus Epic™ is a PC-based Flight Management System Software that takes full advantage of combining Honeywell’s actual Primus Epic® Flight Management System (FMS) and display software with a training interface provided by L3 CTS. This highly sophisticated PC-based familiarization tool allows the pilot to practice FMS and display management procedures for ground-based and airborne operations.

Pilots looking to gain experience in operating the Honeywell Primus Epic® Integrated Avionics System FMS and display system will benefit from this tool. This training tool also provides valuable experience in the interaction between the FMS and display system by showing the entered flight plan and relevant navigational information through menu operation.

The PC Primus Epic™ familiarization tool provides a detailed presentation of the FMS and display windows. High-resolution graphics are combined with actual avionics software code to create a training environment that looks just like the aircraft.

Only available on a Windows Operating System


  • Honeywell Primus Epic® Displays
  • Cursor Control Device (CCD) Emulation (where applicable)
  • Multi-function Keyboard or MCDU (where applicable)
  • Generic Attitude Director Indicator Display
  • Generic Autopilot

Available for these Aircraft Types

  • Agusta AW139

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